wtorek, 4 stycznia 2011

piątek, 31 grudnia 2010

Christmas ... Bed ...Cakes.. tv series ...
my favourites are:

Gossip Girl

Vampire diaries


Desperate Housewives.

Sex and the City ;))

and yours?

... and of course, a successful New Year to you all!

niedziela, 26 grudnia 2010

Today hair-inspirations ;). I am in love with long hair.. :)

And you? What do you like short / long?

I always wanted to have long hair ,but i had short hair and
it was also cool.but not like long hair;)

czwartek, 23 grudnia 2010

Today it's a personal post :) I've done for you pictures of my heels and closet. I hope you like it ;)
(I propose.. click to zoom the pictures ;))

...and i have a picture of this blouse,
and it's important to me to know
what do you think about it ??:)
because i made it by myself.