piątek, 31 grudnia 2010

Christmas ... Bed ...Cakes.. tv series ...
my favourites are:

Gossip Girl

Vampire diaries


Desperate Housewives.

Sex and the City ;))

and yours?

... and of course, a successful New Year to you all!

niedziela, 26 grudnia 2010

Today hair-inspirations ;). I am in love with long hair.. :)

And you? What do you like short / long?

I always wanted to have long hair ,but i had short hair and
it was also cool.but not like long hair;)

czwartek, 23 grudnia 2010

Today it's a personal post :) I've done for you pictures of my heels and closet. I hope you like it ;)
(I propose.. click to zoom the pictures ;))

...and i have a picture of this blouse,
and it's important to me to know
what do you think about it ??:)
because i made it by myself.


wtorek, 21 grudnia 2010

Sewing is really nice ,but when you buy a lot of cute material and at home you figure that your machine have problems with this type of material..... ughhh...really unpleasant feeling. I'm going to haberdashery for some help.
Szycie jest naprawdę świetne, ale gdy kupisz dużo ładnego materiału i w domu zorientujesz się, że maszyna ma problemy z tego typu materiałem(dzianina;/)
ughhh..bardzo nieprzyjemne uczucie.
Idę do pasmanterii po pomoc..! :P

What colors do you like to 'wear' ? I when i open my closet see 2 oposite types.
pastel colors, powder pink, beige, white and ... gray, green, brown and red, hard blue, black, pink, orange.. :) This strong colors it's rather in my party clothes ;)
I'm going to do some palet and maybe a photos of my collection of heels! <3

Jakie kolory lubisz "zużycie"? I kiedy otwieram szafę zob. 2 przeciwstawne typy.
pastelowe kolory, pudrowy róż, beż, biały i ... szare, zielone, brązowe i czerwone, twarde niebieski, czarny, różowy, pomarańczowy ... :) To mocne kolory to raczej w ubraniu strony;)
Mam zamiar zrobić kilka palet, a może zdjęcia mojej kolekcji obcasy! <3

. sweterek jeszcze parę dni! Klik mogę obniżyć cenę ;)

niedziela, 19 grudnia 2010

Today i have some strange emotions. I feel like i live in chaos. .
i don't know why ..but i must relax and everything will be ok. ;)
But this is the reason that in today's post i take you only a pictures
of girls which inspire me to always thinking about what i wear and how i look.
Life is endless road to perfection... ;)

. I hope you like this outfits too;) I'm going to decorate my room and build some
atmosphere of Christmas.

Greetings ;)